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A while ago I went to Comic Con 2012.  Its the 1st Comic Con I went to but third Comic/Game Convention.  I must say it was a great experience!  I was part of press, helping my friend Martin Lindsey with his blog. The events, the cos players, and the overall feel of Comic Con is exuberating! I mean minus the large Crowd (I’m not much for crowds).  We started our quest on Friday, getting to know the lay of the land, know which artists to interview and which events to attend.  The only event I cared for was the Captains Reunion with Scott Backlus, Avery Brooks, and William Shatner. At first I thought it was paid so Martin and I went into the 501 Legion’s Presentation on creating an authentic costume.  It costs between 600-1200 dollars to have an authentic Storm Troop Costume! That’s too much money for me 😛

Light Saber Master Class!!

The Space was spares and we kept hearing screams and cheers from the other room so we left for that event.  The Captains were awesome.  As Shatner put, “We have two clowns and a scholar” (Referring to Avery as a Scholar)  I’ll have that video posted hopefully sooner than later.
The next day was the most exciting of the three! There were so many Cos Players.  Towards the bottom is a slide show of as many as I can find and below is a video of the winners!

I got to see the Bruce Campbell event.  He is a funny guy! Below is a short video of his talk.

Towards the end of the day, they had the Cos Player Contest.  I loved this! I love Cos Players! To me and I’m sure to so many others.  Their like celebrities.  Everyone wants their picture or get their picture taken with them. Below are the pictures of the winners.  I’m glad the Predator won something, that guy was awesome! He/She had his/her own handler, someone was telling them what to do, which makes sense seeing how involved that costume was.  I was happy for the overall winner(s) too! KickAss and HitGirl.  HitGirl had to be 2 or 3, she as soo cute! And she seemed really sweet.  Mom was Wonder Woman though I’m sure she is proud of her duo.

Sunday was mild but not by much.  Stan Lee was giving a talk.  I would have paid for the meet and greet if I had the money.  I saw him on Friday but just stared at him.  I thought it was either an impersonator or actually Stan Lee, it wasn’t until he turned the corner and was gone till I realized he was Stan Lee.  I’m glad I saw this though I did get the tail-end of it, it was still worth going to and seeing.  Below is a little bit about what he said at the event.

Here are some pictures I snapped when I was walking on the floor.

Some of the cast from Buffy was around.  The guy who played Spike and some other actors and crew.

This Con was fun! I’ll be uploading more videos and pictures from my partner as they become available. There were some things I missed but hopefully I can see them next year or at some other Con.  Until next time!