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Color Applier/Unity Application

Okay, its been a while but I’ve been working on the above for some time now.  I’m really excited to finish it.  It’s getting closer to completion.  Hopefully it will be finished by the end of February.  It’s part of my monthly goal. This month is to finish a prototype (I did a non-game and a game << more on that later) and an Animation.  I am still working on the animation and will be finishing/posting that up soon.  Next month is 3D Sculpting!

Programming Project for Work

Unity 3D

Unity 3D Logo

So I currently work as a 3D Generalist at a recreational company.  I model, texture, some times light and composite.  Recently, I have been working in Unity to create an application for the dealers/sellers.  Its a relatively large task, which would require me to focus on color changes, part assembly, moving around the space, submit a quote, email customer service, touch screen capabilities, print content, connection to the web (it might be cheaper/smaller to make it a desktop application then a web one), switch through the catalogue, input custom playgrounds, and more.  I already created a prototype for another product line but this application is going to be heavier and more demanding.  It’s a big task that would need to be created by the end of the year but I’ve never been afraid of a challenge.  I’ve been reading and watching as much as I can on Unity, C#, Python, C++, and shader creation.  It’s going to be a lot but I’m more then ready for it.


Phoenix for MayaSo I signed up for Chaos Group’s Beta Program.  The program is testing out Phoenix FD for Maya.  They already have a working copy of Phoenix for 3DS but I’m an Maya user 😛

I’m excited to get started on it.  I’ve looked at a few programs for their capabilities like RealFlow and ThinkBox’s FROST.  Both applications do fantastic work in liquid simulation; however, RealFlow is on the back of my mind (It’s costly for me as a student and I want to wait to use their demo) and FROST is only good for 3DS Max, which I don’t plan to learn anytime soon.  I look forward to getting home and setting this all up! Good days to come!!

New Job @ ASM

Today I went in for a job interview with After School Matters for the Animation Instructor job.  It wasn’t really a job interview, it was more of a meet-and-greet.  My résumé impressed them and attitude that they felt they didn’t need to interview anyone else.   I was THRILLED! To get the job, work in animation, talk about it everyday, and teach others about what I love doing.  I didn’t go out to celebrate, I just when to my College to get some work done.  Got to keep on trucking!!