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BIG HERO SIX: review

So the other day I went to see BIG HERO SIX with my cousin.  I love watching Animations; whether its 2D, 3D, stop motion, and… really anything animated.  I was so excited to see this and I must say I was not disappointed.  The story, the action, the characters, and the visuals we’re fantastic. The only thing I was a little iffy with was the performance capture.  I’m not a huge fan of it, I like to see animators bring the characters to life its thrilling to see their interpretation of how the character would act.  I mean animators are just like Actors without seeing them or hearing them.  Anyway, it was better to use performance capture because of all the action.  It’s a Marvel comic on the big screen so there is bound to be some really good fight sequences. And the sequences were eye candy. I love fight sequences, animated or otherwise.

I say go see the film, its worth the money and you won’t get bored.

Doctor WHO Premiere…In THEATERS!

Promo photo

Yesterday, I say the Doctor Who Premiere in Theaters along with Behind-the-Scenes and a short Prequel. The prequel featured the Paternoster Gang, Madame Vastra and Jenny were trying to prevent a ship from crashing into London and Strax was updating his blog.  He was explaining the regeneration (“degeneration” as he put it) of the doctor.  I was hoping to see what was going on in the TARDIS but the prequel was still good.

I missed a few things while watching the episode the first time.  There was some whispering of questions and loud laughter but for the most part it was a lot easier to watch the show in comparison to viewing it at a bar.  This episode has gotten me feeling that there are a lot of dark things a head for the Doctor and Clara.  I’m not sure how I feel about the doctor but if the next episode is an indication then I think I’m really going to love this series!


Sherlock Series 3 Finale

His Last Vow

I have to say that the season finale was by far the best in terms of acting(!), staging (production design), story development, editing cinematography among other elements.  I hope next year during award season they take notice because the actors deserve it. I hope Cumberbatch gets at least a BAFTA but I won’t hold my breath, he seems like the Leo Dicaprio of Britain.

My favorite scene(s) was during the moments when Sherlock was in his mind palace after being shot.  Those moments are a perfect blend of camera shots, lighting, color correction, sound design, music, acting, and staging.  Re-watched this episode a couple of times and will probably watch the series (1-3) just to get my Sherlock fixes and to come up with theories; some will seem random and weird.  My main theory is Moriarty is still dead.  From that theory I have three ideas on how his organization could still functioning:

  1. Moran was promoted to run Moriarty’s organization.  He was in the stories and was Moriarty’s right-hand man.  It would be a logical next step.
  2. Moriarty knew he was going to die and set his organization/people to run without him.  There have been plenty of real stories about this. EX. the woman who died of cancer had a friend send a letter to a radio station only after the woman’s husband found love again.  SO, Moriarty is alive in the hearts and minds of the people in his Organization.
  3. Dear Older Brother Mycroft could have faked it to save his little Brother.  I admit I was reading some reviews and I thought this one was pretty good. Mycroft loves his little brother and considering he suggested his brother get sent off on a mission that he would die from then why not fool people into believing the infamous Moriarty is back.

I’m fully aware that my first two ideas wouldn’t work because Sherlock said he dismantled Moriarty’s organization but remember that Sherlock was trying to fool Moriarty so its only fair that Moriarty fool Sherlock.

To be honest I hope Moriarty is really alive.  He was the perfect kind of evil, the kind that wasn’t afraid to die. To me that is something to fear. Magnussen was creepy but I didn’t fear him.  He was terrified at gun point. Moriarty was the right kind of crazy, which meant he could control anyone or anything because he had no fear.

We’ll all have to wait to find out what will happen.  I’m happy that they will be writing a fourth and fifth series.  It sounds like they will end on the fifth but I’m sure they won’t go any higher than a sixth. Based on their turn around the fourth, fifth, and possibly sixth will come out the 2016, 2018, 2020 respectively.  That’s a good run for any show.  You have to end a series at its highest instead of letting it slowly die.  I like the creators because they seem more concerned with story and character development than making as much money as possible from the series.  My examples are House and Monk.  Both characters were influenced by Sherlock and both series went on and on till someone pulled the plug.  I don’t believe the creators intend to do that.  They have Doctor Who but even that will probably end in a few years (I’m thinking before the final series of Sherlock).  I could be wrong but I hope they do it that way.

Check out the interview with Steven Moffat and Sue Vertue:

And this one with just Moffat:


Dark Knight

I actually saw this film at 5am yesterday.  It was the movie then straight to work, I stayed up all night to make sure I saw it before the day officially begun.  I’m glad I saw at 5am, it was a cheaper ticket ($6.50) and less of a crowd (A family of 4 and 1 dude).  It was perfect timing to see it without having people to guess before or during the film.  I’m not going to really review since I’m just now getting to this post.  I had a long day yesterday, I worked half of it and slept the other half.  I will say this! I really enjoyed! Granted, I love Batman and I love Nolan movies so it would seem I would love this movie no matter what.  I think I’ll see it again soon and probably in IMAX or some place with a high-end sound system and projection system.