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Programming Project for Work

Unity 3D

Unity 3D Logo

So I currently work as a 3D Generalist at a recreational company.  I model, texture, some times light and composite.  Recently, I have been working in Unity to create an application for the dealers/sellers.  Its a relatively large task, which would require me to focus on color changes, part assembly, moving around the space, submit a quote, email customer service, touch screen capabilities, print content, connection to the web (it might be cheaper/smaller to make it a desktop application then a web one), switch through the catalogue, input custom playgrounds, and more.  I already created a prototype for another product line but this application is going to be heavier and more demanding.  It’s a big task that would need to be created by the end of the year but I’ve never been afraid of a challenge.  I’ve been reading and watching as much as I can on Unity, C#, Python, C++, and shader creation.  It’s going to be a lot but I’m more then ready for it.

Big things this New Year

I know this year is almost a month old but I’m trying to do big things at a reasonable pace.  Most people get burned out after working hardcore on their New Years resolutions.  I want to go at my resolutions at a reasonable pace so that I can carry out everything I want to do in the new year.  First on my list: Be more sociable  online! I don’t do much blogging, tweeting, or facebooking so I’m trying to improve my presence online.  My other goals are to improve my network and get more personal projects completed.  I’ve had a lot more story ideas as of late.  I wanted to be a member of SIGGRAPH for a long time but never put time aside to join. Today I paid the membership fee for the first time.  I look forward to this year and plan to do big things 🙂