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WII U Review

Wii U Preview badge

I spent some of my Sunday previewing the new Wii U console.  The event was offered to a select few and was promoted through my school, CDM at DePaul University. They are still working on game titles and features.  It was more like a Beta test.  It should be coming out around Christmas.  I must This console is a lot of fun!  The new console is slicker then the Wii with a new “controller” called the GamePad.  Besides being a controller it also allows the gamer to play their games while someone else can watch TV.  It has all the functionality of a Wii Remote but with the added bonus of an LCD screen.  It reminded me of a Game Gear but bigger in screen size and actual size.  Its thinner then a Game Gear but if memory serves me well (which it might) its not much thinner.

The place looked like a modern discothèque with the main room having stations of new games like NintendoLand, Wario and Games (Working Title), Rayman: Legends, Super Mario, and others.  There five rooms that each had a game all new soon-to-be released games except for BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY.  If you don’t know, I love Batman, when I saw the logo next to the door of each room, I walked straight in and started playing it.  Mind you, I’m not good at games but that doesn’t stop me from playing them. This game really uses the GamePad to its full capabilities.  There is a built-in sensor so when Batman is using his X-ray vision.  you can look to see what he sees.  Also, when you throw objects, you can look at the GamePad to get the perspective of lets say the Batarang. It’s very cool but the wire connected to the Wii U could cause problems like people getting to enthusiastic and getting wrapped up in the cord.  There weren’t mean games that used the GamePad for its uniqueness but there were still a lot of fun games.  Another game I look forward to is NintendoLand. It’s like Mario Party but better.  There are several mini-games like Zelda’s Battle Quest.  Those who use the Wii Remote wields a sword and whomever uses the GamePad uses a bow and arrow.  I didn’t play with the GamePad for this game because it looked tricky and I wasn’t ready for tricky.  Regardless, that game was fun and with the other games they offer I know its something I would play first when/if I get the system.

I did play other games like the Super Mario but I honestly didn’t think it was any different from the game on the Wii.  It does involve the GamePad but only as an assistant to the other players in the game.  It seemed like a pointless add on to the game.

Overall, I like this system.  I hope they get more games that utilizes the GamePad for a gamer/main character and not an assistant/side character.  It’s a fun “controller” it can be great for families and gamers a like though more for Families then hard-core gamers.  We’ll just have to wait and see!


Dark Knight

I actually saw this film at 5am yesterday.  It was the movie then straight to work, I stayed up all night to make sure I saw it before the day officially begun.  I’m glad I saw at 5am, it was a cheaper ticket ($6.50) and less of a crowd (A family of 4 and 1 dude).  It was perfect timing to see it without having people to guess before or during the film.  I’m not going to really review since I’m just now getting to this post.  I had a long day yesterday, I worked half of it and slept the other half.  I will say this! I really enjoyed! Granted, I love Batman and I love Nolan movies so it would seem I would love this movie no matter what.  I think I’ll see it again soon and probably in IMAX or some place with a high-end sound system and projection system.