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Make pretty clouds for free with this wonderful Maya script.  Its really easy to use, however, if your using lights it takes a long time to render (about 15 minutes to render a frame).


Maya Texture Linking Issue

HI! It’s been a while but I got a story I’ve wanted to develop since high school so I’m currently working on that.

TODAY! Here is a question for everyone. Has this ever happen to you?


Now you have textures and….


now you don’t! Not even the infamous green texture. I get nothing.

This has happened to me twice (the pictures above are from the 1st time and that was earlier this year, around April) since I’ve worked in Maya 2013.  I looked all over for a solution but what I came up with isn’t too pleasing.  I found out that once you start creating render layers (more than 3) AND the scene has too many textures or too many textures with similar names, Maya gets “confused” with which texture are to the mesh or faces.  It appears  random, what will appear correctly and what won’t.  Now you know the problem what could be a solution?

What to do to prevent it from happening:

Have as few textures as possible (5-10 max you personal create).  This is the real problem.  With render layers, as some of you may know, you can change the texture of a mesh or faces and it will affect only that layer.  This is great and effective but the more render layers a person has the more connections Maya has to worry about.  In case you do have a lot of textures before you create your render layers make sure you really need those textures and make sure they have a very unique name to them.  I worked on an Animation using the Malcolm rigs (Both Male and Female), which are great but have a lot of textures (about 15 for each for a total of 30) and it ultimately gave me problems when I created render layers. In a team or just working with a friend this is problematic.  Tell them to delete the textures that aren’t needed or try to do it yourself:

  • Window>Rendering Editors>Hypershade
  • right click on a material select “Select Objects with Material”
  • Mouse over the viewport and hit “F” to focus on the selected.
  • If nothing is selected then the material probably isn’t being used.

I know now to do that if I every want to use the Malcolm rigs and want to have a nicely rendered animation.

If it does happen:

Either have between 2 or 3 different render layers for each duplicated scene or If you’ve saved each time you create a render layer and everything looks good just before (and then it happens) then close the file, re-open it and batch render everything out. Don’t try to view it all in the viewport because it will re-create the problem again.  That is the best solution for when it happens because if you don’t limit the render layers and/or you don’t save for each new render layer then your stick with the issue occurring again and again.

So to sum up! Limit your textures to prevent the problem or if you can’t do that have multiple files of the same scene but with different render layers and only have 2-3 render layers for each file.