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BIG HERO SIX: review

So the other day I went to see BIG HERO SIX with my cousin.  I love watching Animations; whether its 2D, 3D, stop motion, and… really anything animated.  I was so excited to see this and I must say I was not disappointed.  The story, the action, the characters, and the visuals we’re fantastic. The only thing I was a little iffy with was the performance capture.  I’m not a huge fan of it, I like to see animators bring the characters to life its thrilling to see their interpretation of how the character would act.  I mean animators are just like Actors without seeing them or hearing them.  Anyway, it was better to use performance capture because of all the action.  It’s a Marvel comic on the big screen so there is bound to be some really good fight sequences. And the sequences were eye candy. I love fight sequences, animated or otherwise.

I say go see the film, its worth the money and you won’t get bored.


Dark Knight

I actually saw this film at 5am yesterday.  It was the movie then straight to work, I stayed up all night to make sure I saw it before the day officially begun.  I’m glad I saw at 5am, it was a cheaper ticket ($6.50) and less of a crowd (A family of 4 and 1 dude).  It was perfect timing to see it without having people to guess before or during the film.  I’m not going to really review since I’m just now getting to this post.  I had a long day yesterday, I worked half of it and slept the other half.  I will say this! I really enjoyed! Granted, I love Batman and I love Nolan movies so it would seem I would love this movie no matter what.  I think I’ll see it again soon and probably in IMAX or some place with a high-end sound system and projection system.