Monthly Archives: October 2014

I’m A WINNER!…Unity Pro License

So this post is a bit late but this past weekend I went to a Unity event to learn more about the software and about the new features coming out in Unity 5.x.  I’m most excited about the Runtime GI and HDR. The new GUI system is apart of 4.6 but I’m so happy they have something to make an Interface easier. Anyway, at the event everyone there had a chance to win a free Unity Pro license.  If you haven’t guessed already from the title I won :D. I received the license about a day or so ago and am playing around with it. It’s great that I got the license because I was thinking about getting one but didn’t know how I would pay for it. This perfect for me!

What also is cool is I’m on the beta team for Unity 5.  That’s all I’m going to say on that.

It’s Unity, Unity, and more Unity for the rest of the year and probably beyond.  I’m working on a project for work so I’m probably going to know the ins and outs of the software by years end.  Here’s hoping!